Cape Crusader

Cape Crusaders
Confession: I have had a huge thing for capes ever since seeing Blair Waldorf brought them to my attention on Gossip Girl. I have been withholding from purchasing one because I wasn't convinced that they would be a practical item to own or that I wouldn't feel silly wearing it. After recently trying a few on I now know it is one of my wish list items for this fall. They are comfortable, chic, and surprisingly easy to wear. Below are a few of my favorites:
English Nights Cape
Reese Cape
Poncho Cape
Checkered Cape
Kate Spade Capelette
Belted Cape
Purple Cape
Camel Cape
Cape Blazer
Wool Blend Cape
Tweed Check Cape

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  1. I really want a cape! They're gorgeous.

  2. Me too I'm in love with the capes and your selection is amazing, the LV wears by Chiara Ferragni is wonderful!

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