Happy Weekend

autumn time
happy weekend
Hooray for weekends. Work has just been so rough lately. A couple weeks ago we had the most glorious fall weather. Then much to my disappointment the temperature jumped back up. I am crossing my fingers that it cools back off soon.

This weekend me and Jessica are planning to visit our grandmother. I am also going to attempt baking an apple pie. I cannot wait for my kitchen to be filled with the smell of fresh apple pie in the oven. The rest of my weekend should also be low-key and will possibly include finishing Pride and Prejudice for book club. What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Happy Weekend! I want the weather to stay warm!!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. I wish you a great weekend. I would like to do a apple pie and I need to tray it ones. xa


  3. I love this photo!

  4. Your weekend looks very relaxing, I hope that my boyfriend heal, he has the flu, anyway we will watch some tv series!

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  5. i have a 25k race on sunday, so tomorrow i'll be taking it easy and resting up. currently, it's pouring!!

  6. Have fun see your grandma and baking an apple pie. I have never baked a pie before. My husband bake an apple pie once. He said he will never again make an apple pie.

  7. Up here in NKY we are freezing today! It's 54. I can'
    t believe it, I was craving FALL not winter! lol.
    Tell Grandma I said Hi!

  8. mmm , i love a good apple pie :) I went to a chocolate festival yesterday - it was so crowded and my belly was filled with desserts. Today will be quiet, I'm hoping to make some organic chocolate balls. We have a public holiday tomorrow (YAY! for a 3-day weekend!)


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