Stylish for Less: Cats Under $35

Tiger Sweater $22.88 - Cat Scarf $19.99 - Cat Coin Purse $11.37 - iPhone Case $14.99 - How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity $12.99 - Black Cat Print $32 - Yellow Cat Skater Dress $27

Stylish for Less: Cats Under $35 Everyone needs a few whimsical items in their closet. Those pieces that might be a little silly and cute. They display a little personality and humor. For me those pieces might involve cats. I just love my cats so much and cats really are one of my favorite animals. They are so beautiful and cuddly. I would love a cute item with a cat or cats on it. In June, on our trip to Florida, I bought a cat coin purse at a Kate Spade store. I love it and everyone always comments on how adorable it is. What whimsical items do you have?


  1. Wow..love everything!

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  2. I love cats and think these are so cute! I need to add some whimsical pieces to my wardrobe and accessories collection.

  3. Looove cats! :)
    Scarf looks so pretty!

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  4. I love kitten print items. They're so kitschy!

  5. I have a weakness for chubby cats so I like the yellow dress! I have some cute cat earrings :)

    Mischa | wunderstar


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