Chit Chat: Gift Giving

christmas gifts in black wrapping
Chit Chat: Gift Giving
This weekend was crazy busy. In a good way. One of the things we managed to do Saturday morning before heading to an afternoon performance of The Nutcracker was complete our Christmas shopping. It was no small feat. Even in the early morning the stores were packed. For the most part I never mind the busy stores and the long lines during the holidays. Gift shopping always puts me in the holiday spirit.

I love giving gifts: birthday, hostess, Christmas, or gifts for no particular reasons. Plus, I happen to believe that I am good at it. I pay attention to what others like and take time to carefully find something special. Choosing the perfect gift and seeing the person's face light up is definitely one of the top things on my list of those items that make me happy.

My favorite items to give as gifts are those that I know the recipient would love but never purchase for themselves or items that I hope will become treasured keepsakes. I was reviewing my gift purchases and this year I am a little disappointed. With the exception of what I purchased for my sister Tiffany everything else is very practical (somewhat boring) gifts. While they are gifts that I know will be appreciated and used they are not really fun or full of personality.

Are you a good gift-giver or do you struggle with what to get the people on your list? Do you like giving practical items or things that are more unique?

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  1. Great post! I love giving gifts that are practical and unique, so it's very difficult to me to find the perfect gift for my family. :D

  2. yay for being done with your Christmas shopping

  3. I prefer gifts that are practical but with a touch of uniqueness :P
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    Have a nice day :)
    Aimie from Channel Of Creation


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