Chit Chat: Holiday Baking

Chit Chat: Holiday Baking One Christmas tradition at our house has always centered around baking and making candy. Even as young children would gather in the kitchen and watch our mom make delicious fudge for friends and families. Her fudge was always requested by others and always a delightful treat for them at Christmas time. We would watch her mix up the fudge and pour it into pans. Then we would gather around, armed with spoons we would scrap delicious, warm fudge from the pan and talk about how it was the best mom had ever made. There would be so many people that we would make treats for that we would begin making and delivering in the middle of December, so that we would have time to make some for everyone.

The tradition still lives on at our house with mom still making her famous peanut butter fudge and her chocolate fudge for people. Now she has added a few more types of fudge to her repetoire. Now we also join in and bake treats for family, friends, and co-workers. We are the bakers. We leave all the fudge making to Mom, because we would never be able to compare. We have our specialties that include Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, brownies, cookies, and breads like Friendship Bread and Banana Bread. At the beginning of November our great aunt was calling to request Pumpkin Whoopie Pies for Christmas. She has added to her request since then saying that she would like a basket full of goodies.

Tracy and I spent the majority of the weekend baking up a storm in our kitchen to deliver goodies to our co-workers this week. We baked, wrapped, and prepared goodies. We know they will be appreciated and it's a great way to show we care.

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