Chit Chat: Recharging

Chit Chat: Recharging
Last week was totally blissful. I spent an entire nine days recharging. I had carefully avoided having anything on my calendar except a couple family get-togethers for the holidays and had worked extra hard in the days leading up to my break to ensure that I would have nothing pressing that would require my attention.

Before leaving my office on December 19th for my Christmas vacation I was overtaxed, exhausted, and unmotivated. Essentially I was burned out. I was plugging along, pushing through, and doing what I needed to but that was it. I had been too tired and drained, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to really enjoy anything.

I believe we thrive when we have time to rest and renew. Our bodies, minds, and hearts need quiet time to relax, become calm, and find peace. The busy, multi-tasking, always on the go lifestyles most of us live negatively affect our mind, body, and spirit. When any one part of my life takes a hit everything seems to fall out of balance.

While we may be celebrated for pushing through and hanging in there I have learned that spreading myself thin never works out in the long run. Being overextended and overwhelmed led to me in the last few months struggling to get anything accomplished in a way and to a standard that truly satisfied me.

By the time my Christmas vacation was approaching I knew I needed a break and not a break where I am trying to tackle other projects, knock numerous items off a to-do list, or running all over the state (or country). So I settled in at home, I slept in, I breezed through several books (including this one and its sequel), I caught up on all the shows on my DVR, I cooked good food, I devoted hours to playing board games, and I spent time with family. I even took a couple naps. When I curled up in bed for my first nap my last thought before falling asleep was how indulgent being in bed at 2 p.m. and not feeling guilty about it felt.

Now that I am preparing to jump back into work and get back into my normal routine I feel better and more rested than I have in a long time. While I have yet to find the key to balance I know the importance of giving myself time to recharge.

I would love to know any tips you have on how you find balance in your life and how you allow yourself to refocus and renew.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I read that you enjoy these dates. Happy New Year. Keep in touch

  2. Am happy you enjoyed yourself and relaxed!! I hope Christmas was bliss and your New Year will be amazing!! xx

  3. i hope you had a wonderful christmas time sweety! <3

  4. I totally agree that it's important to relax and recharge. I read "If I Stay" over the holiday weekend, too. Reading always helps refresh and motivate me.


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