Chit Chat: Looking Back

Chit Chat: Looking Back
It's so hard to believe that 2015 has already started. Can you believe it's January 5th already? It's also hard to believe that this school year already has a semester over with. I feel like I have only been teaching this group of kids for a few weeks, but a whole semester is over. I guess it is true that time just flies by when you are having fun.

This past year I have had a lot of fun and a lot of great things have happened. I finished my Master's degree in literacy. It took me a few years of online classes and summer classes to finish. This was a huge accomplishment for me and a pay raise is always nice. Another work related accomplishment this past year was that I was asked to present at a math conference. I was extremely nervous but I think things went very smoothly. Still, I don't see any more presentations in my near future. I'm not one for public speaking, but it was a new experience for me.

I also did quite a bit of fun things last year. Tracy and I made it back to Florida and to New York City this year. We also started a book club with some of our best friends. There are six of us in the book club. Once a month we meet up and have fun catching up with each other, talking about the book, and munching on some delicious food. Starting the book club was a great idea. It ensures that I find time to read a new book every month, even when work is crazy hectic.

This year I also experienced my first surprise party. I was a guest at the party or throwing the party, but the party was thrown for me. My family did an excellent job in keeping things a secret. I had a huge surprise and it was a blast. I had a great time with my family and closest friends. After the great time I had, I plan to start throwing surprise parties for people now.

What great things happened to you in 2014?

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  1. 2014 sounds like it was wonderful! I can't wait to see what is in store for 2015!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  2. Happy New Year dolls...I hope it's a fantastic time for you and all that you wish to achieve, you do it!! Have a wonderful week :) xx

  3. I wish you a happy new year 2015!


  4. Congrats on finishing your Master's degree! Happy New Year! =D

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  5. Wow! A surprise party! That sounds amazing! I also would love to have one! Hmm. Well, amazing things? Had been to Paris one year ago in January and I miss it soooooo much!

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  6. Happy 2015! I would love to have someone throw me a surprise party sometime. I enjoyed some writing-related accomplishments during 2015, along with the purchase of our first home. I'm looking forward to more adventures in 2015!

  7. Hello from Spain: great reflections.Happy New Year . Keep in touch

  8. surprise parties are great.. I have been the recipient of two surprise baby showers.. you'd think i'd see the second one coming.. I suspected every invite i got but they still got me. :)
    Happy 2015

  9. Sounds like 2014 was a great year for you too!! 2014 was eventful for me with a new job and new apartment. I'm hoping 2015 treats me just as well as 2014 did.



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