10 Free Things to do Alone to Beat Boredom

things to do when you are home alone and bored

10 Free Things to do Alone to Beat Boredom
Every find yourself stuck at home alone and bored to death? It has happened to me several times this Winter with the weather getting so horrible and leaving me stuck, alone at home. I'm going to share with you some free and fun things to do to beat that boredom! These are things you can do at home, alone, with things you already have laying around.

TIP 1 // Beauty Time: Treat yourself by painting your nails. Give yourself that mani/pedi you have been putting off because you didn't have the time. I don't know about you but I have a ton of nail polish that I need to be using.

TIP 2 // Destress Yourself: Have you been feeling stressed lately? Then use this time to put on some soft music and run a bubble bath. Relax in the warm tub while listening to the music or reading a book. I know I don't usually take the time for a bath and instead opt for a quick shower. You could even take time to meditate. Tracy has used several free meditation apps on her iPhone.

TIP 3 // Exercise: This is another thing I put off when I am busy, but if I'm already stuck at home and bored, why not get in some exercise time. There are plenty of free apps to use, pop in a work out video, or try something new.

TIP 4 // Clear Up that DVR: I am always having to record my favorite tv shows because I am out or too busy to really watch them. This is the perfect time to round up some snacks from the kitchen and veg out in front of the tv.

TIP 5 // Send Some Snail Mail: I love receiving snail mail, so I always make time to send some to my friends so that I will get some back. Pull out your paper and envelops and write some quick notes to friends. Throw some glitter or confetti in to bring up a friends day and decorate with some washi tape.

TIP 6 // Catch Up on your Reading: Finish that book you have been working on. Enjoy the newspaper or some fashion magazines. Read some of your favorite blogs. Dig into you must read pile and pull out a great book.

TIP 7 // Be Creative: If you are like me, you have a box of supplies that you have purchased for various DIY projects that you haven't found the time to complete yet. Hunt that box out and pull up the instructions and get busy.

TIP 8 // Get Busy in the Kitchen: Find a recipe to try by looking through your cook books or your Pinterest boards. I have multiple boards on Pinterest dedicated to recipes I want to try: Brunch, Dinner, Sweet Treats, and Appetizers. Look at what you have on hand and make yourself a treat. Experiment with some new recipe.

TIP 9 // Learn Something New: I believe we all need to keep learning new things. Pick a topic you are interested in and read some online articles. I love learning new things about animals online. Other topics I enjoy researching are ghosts, mythology, ancient Egypt, and places that I would love to travel too.

TIP 10 // Be a Kid: Act like a kid again. Color in a coloring book. Play some video games. Read some of your favorite childhood stories. As a kid my favorite story was Tawny Scrawny Lion and I still pull that book out to reread it.

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  1. Definitely going to do some of these when I'm bored next! I never have time to read anymore, so next time I find myself bored that's whst I'll be doing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. I love you blog so much and that is why I nomitated you for the Infinitive Dreams Award. Read all about it here: http://rachelbellebeauty.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/infinity-dreams-awards.html

  3. Thanks a lot for your tips :)))


  4. Such great ideas! I love to color so #10 is right up my alley! I have never thought about sending snail mail but that would be a nice idea!


  5. Great tips! In my world, having plenty of time to read is one of the only benefits of winter.

  6. great tips

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  7. great tip to just search and learn something new!

  8. Catching up on shoes & movies it my favorite method to beat boredom as well. It sure makes the time fly!

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  9. I think I do all of these when I have free time, my favorite is to clean out the DVR :)

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  10. Every once in a while, I enjoy being bored. But more often than not, I only end up enjoying it for the first 30 minutes and then start itching for something to do. :) These are great tips!!

  11. This is some helpful advice <3 I love posts like these, thank you for sharing
    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  12. Good ideas! :) Lots of fun things to do to keep busy in your list :)

    No time for boredom for me right now with a tiny baby, but when he is older and gets bored I'll have a list of ideas I can use to beat the boredom for him! :)

    Away From The Blue


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