Chit Chat: Exhaustion

Chit Chat: Exhaustion
Last week was brutal and I am not really feeling like this week is going to be any better. I am not sure if I would go as far to say that I am burned out or wore down but there is no question that I feel frazzled and exhausted. All week I did my best to try to power through the week but each task was a struggle.

I was and am so tired. My body aches. I have not been sleeping well. I feel drained physically and mentally.

I feel like at work and in life I am currently pulled in a million directions. Everything at work is stacking up and although I sat in front of my desk for hours each day last week I just was not processing all of the research, motions, and memorandums I was reading. I was massively unproductive despite putting in even more hours trying to work than typical. Lately it has been feeling like every single moment is booked and that I never have a moment just to pause.

Right now I just really need a break. I need sleep. I need a few days where my to do list is not looming over my head and I can rest and feel at peace. I am not sure when this break can occur but I feel like a time to recharge needs to occur soon.

How do you recharge when time is limited?

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  1. I hope you get a break doll, I know feeling exhausted doesn't help at all. Take a rest and get yourself feeling better xx

  2. Hope you get a nice break sometimes soon so you don't completely burn out. My husband has been feeling the same with with work - that he needs a break soon.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Oh no! I hope you get a break and feel back to 100% soon!!!

  4. I know perfectly what you feel! When I can't take same days of holiday I use the weekend only for me, with a warm bath with candles, scrub, mask and all that to take care of my self and love to remain at home with my boyfriend to watch tv series and eat a pizza. These all help me very much!
    Good luck dear!

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    Shopping Girls

  5. I know this feeling very well! Ideally it's nice to take a whole day off and do "nothing" this clears my head and brain so I can jump back in the next day ready to go. If this isn't an option I will hop into bed for a few hours and turn on Netflix or Hulu and watch a reality show on Bravo and just let my mind take a break. Then I usually feel better and can hop back to work. If I feel I am not moving fast at any point in my day, I take a break.

  6. ugh sorry work has been crappy - hope things get better soon. just try to take little breaks for yourself when you can. even just taking a bath or reading a book before bed can be a good way to unwind a little. hang in there.

  7. I hope you feel a lot better and energized soon, you deserve the breaks in between :) You should try a relaxing bubble bath and a nap.
    <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  8. I have been in this same boat lately, and honestly, my saving grace has been the dinky little gym in our building. It was a struggle, but I've been making myself take a full hour lunch break every day to go running down in that little gym and stretching out every muscle I have. I'm pretty sure that and planning my time down to the hour (and incorporating frequent task switching) are the only reason I have been sleeping reasonably well and getting literally anything done. Hope your energy finds its way back soon!


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