Chit Chat: Vacation Ideas

Chit Chat: Vacation Ideas
Since I've been in college my siblings and I have been going on vacation together. Our parents don't really like to travel and go on vacation, especially if it takes much of a drive to get there. So when my sisters and I were all in college or law school we decided that we really wanted to go to New York City again. We had all been to NYC on school trips in high school but we had not visited the city together. That summer we took our first vacation with just us together. It was a lot of fun and since then the tradition of sibling vacations has stuck. It has changed a little though because sometimes one of us is unable to go and now sometimes our little brother (well not so little now as he just turned 21) goes with us.

In our vacations together to we generally spend a week or slightly longer on vacation. Usually we travel during the Summer, with me being a school teacher and our brother still in school it has been the easiest time to go. We have made a couple of NYC trips over Thanksgiving week though. Together we have visited NYC several times, Florida a couple of times, Mackinac Island, and a few other places closer to home.

Right now we are in a dilemma for this year's vacation. We have been talking about it since Christmas and we just can't decide were we want to go. It's March now, so we really need to be making our decisions. Do we want to go somewhere we have been before and loved? or do we want to be more adventurous and try somewhere new? Every year we usually go on one big trip (which is what we are trying to decide on) and then as opportunities present themselves we usually go on a few weekend trips. Since we only go on one longer trip each year it's hard to say no to a place like NYC that I would love to visit every single year if I had the chance, but if I want to visit more places I have to say no and pick somewhere else to go.

We have discussed various places for our vacation this Summer and they all have good things about them. Tracy has always wanted to go to New Orleans and I think it would be very interesting too. Nashville has been talked about because it could be fun and it would be a shorter drive than most of the other places we have talked about. We always drive and pretty much road trip it to wherever we decide to go because I have this huge fear of flying. We've talked about going to Savannah, Georgia and Boston and the Outer Banks. Honestly we have contemplated over a dozen places and just can't make up our minds.

What has been your favorite vacation? Do you have any recommendations for us or any input for the places I have mentioned? We really like anything from the busy streets of NYC to relaxing on the beach in Florida. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Paris has been my favourite vacation!! When I was back in America, my favourite vacation was to NY. I still love it as well :)) xx

  2. New Orleans is on my list of places to visit, too! I've been to Boston and had a fun time, especially since I love Revolutionary War and colonial history.

  3. Pairs has been my favorite vacation. Which I'm so looking forward to going back there this weekend.

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  4. What about Maui? It's a 16 hour plane journey for me, but much nearer for you. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been too (and I have travelled/lived abroad alot ;-)
    Or what about my neck-of-the-woods-London!!!

  5. My friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Charleston! It looks so cute and like the perfect girl trip place.

    Savvy City Chic


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