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Friday Favorites
We have had such busy weeks and weekends so far in April that we have not had time to try any new recipes. I have a huge folder of recipes that I want to try. I have pages in cookbooks marked, pages ripped out of magazines, and print outs from online of things that I want to try. Since we didn't get to try anything new, I thought I would point out a few of my favorite recipes that we have made. Maybe they will be new recipes that you will try and love too.

Stuffed French Bread - This is such a delicious sandwich. The cream of onion soup gives it such a nice flavor. Serve with chips and you have a great meal.

Italian Cream Cake - This delicious cake is so easy to make. It has had nothing but rave reviews when we make it here. In a charity auction here, this cake went for more money than any other.

The Pink Flamingo - The Pink Flamingo it great cool drink for a hot summer day. It also turns out to be such a pretty color.

Tomato Cheese Tortellini Soup - Add salad and garlic bread and you have a delicious meal. Plus this is super quick to make.


  1. That soup looks delicious! I was just wondering what to get for dinner tonight, and I was considering soup. I think this must be a sign. I'm off to the supermarket :-)

  2. The stuffed French bread looks so good!!! I want to try that one!! Yummy!!! :)

  3. The stuffed French Bread looks like a dream!

    Happy Medley


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