What are the best foodie cities in the US?

What are the best foodie cities in the US?
When it comes to chic cuisine and delectable dishes, the US is a no-brainer: a rich legacy of multiculturalism from traditional American to Asian fusion has served every cosmopolitan hub with its own set of distinct flavors. While every big city is a foodie haven, there are three destinations that really set the mark when it comes to mouth-watering satisfaction: Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Windy City sensation

Chicago is a deep-dish lover’s delight. Jazz clubs galore and Italian pizza parlors are a big part of the city’s swag; from swanky establishments to hole-in-the-wall joints, you can savor authentic cuisine from across the globe as well as tuck into classic favorites such as Chicago Dogs. Chicago’s foodscape is constantly evolving. International super chefs such as Rick Bayless of XOCO (try his renowned tortas) and Grant Achatz of Alinea (his staggering seafood dishes are a must-try) have reinvented and revitalized the scene.

Joie de vivre

Southern hospitality, zesty Cajun dishes and French flair make up a huge part of The Big Easy’s charm. If you love Dixie, dig the festival scene, revel in liberated spirit and appreciate Bourbon, you couldn’t pick a better place. New Orleans’ eclectic cultural tapestry has made it the unofficial foodie capital where people love to celebrate what they eat, from spicy crawfish boil and smoky jambalaya to alligator sausages and much more. Antoine’s – one of the oldest French-Creole restaurants in the country – is filled with succulent staples, while Peche Seafood Grill, the innovative Square Root, and pizza paradise Domenica are worth a trip to Mardi Gras-central alone. Don’t forget to chill your balmy summer evenings with a sip of sweet tea on the terrace.

Dine like a movie star

LA reaps its bounty from a growing number of urban gardens and trendy ports where myriad cultures reinvent the country’s gastronomy. From food trucks and beachside bistros serving up quirky cocktails to the dazzling dining establishments gracing West Hollywood, you’ll find just about everything here. Grab a Korean taco from the Kogi BBQ Truck, send your taste buds into a frenzy with divine smoked salmon and cheese at Providence, and check out the brie crème, apple butter and toasted barley dessert at the unusual Trois Mec. LA is one big feast fiesta.

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  1. I had my first taste of Chicago food recently and basically haven't been able to get my mouth to stop watering ever since. Eventually I plan on eating my way right through that place!

  2. These places for food sounds amazing!! Happy weekend dolls xx

  3. Don't forget New York too : ) While I love LA and Santa Monica, I sometimes miss a lot of the New York spots I loved : ( But I need to keep trying more spots around here.


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