Chit Chat: An Important Lesson I Learned as a Kid

Chit Chat: An Important Lesson I Learned as a Kid
Recently several things have happened that have upset me. Several things have happened to remind me of a lesson that I learned as a child and one that is still very much important to me today. When you are little your parents are always telling you to be nice to others. Not only do your parents try to impress this lesson onto you but other adults in your life like grandparents and teachers try to get you to realize the importance of this as well. Just a few weeks ago I had a student go on virtual school so that she wouldn't have to attend school anymore, she would be allowed to do her work at home. She was a brilliant student and I learned that reason she went on virtual school was because she was being bullied at school. Also recently when out to dinner with some family members. One relative was so rude to the waiters that I was embarrassed to be with them.

When I was in elementary school in like 3rd or 4th grade something happened that made me realize the importance of this lesson. At my small school there were a group of around a dozen or so kids that were related to each other, let's call them the Martins. The majority of the Martins were mean. The majority of them were older than me and they were bullies. They were liars and they were thieves. They came from a rough family that was constantly in trouble with the law. One of the Martins was my age and in my class. She wasn't like the majority of the Martins. She was nice and didn't portray any of the normal Martin behaviors.

One day a couple of the other kids in my class were talking about how their parents had told them to stay away from her and not to have anything to do with her or any of the other Martins. This was because her father had just gotten in trouble with the law for drugs. This small group of students consisted of the most popular kids in my class. For most of the day most of the kids in my class ignored this girl and it was obvious that her feelings were hurt. Then it was time for gym. It was that joyous time of the day when you didn't have to worry about school work or being quiet. It was time to play. Once there this girl was about to girl because she wasn't going to have anyone to play with. My friends and I had decided to play a game together and I told them I was going to ask her to play with us. They questioned whether I should because of what the others had said about her that morning. I remember telling them that she couldn't help what her family did and if they didn't want to play with her that was ok but that I was going to. After I approached her, they decided it was ok to play with her too. We had a great time. She was happy we were all happy and later she even thanked me.

This really drove home to me that you need to be kind to others. That you should treat others how you expected to be treated. As a teacher I see how kids can be mean to each and I really try to show them in my class that I expect them to kind to one another. Even some adults have failed to learn this lesson.

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