What Every Blogger Needs in Their Bag

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What Every Blogger Needs in Their Bag
I don't know about you, but I am constantly on the go. My weeks are filled with work, preparing work things for the next day, after work meetings, and trying to squeeze in things that I like. So during the week I need to be ready in my spare moments to plan for blogging and to catch up on all of my favorite blogs. For this to happen there are certain things that I always keep in my bag. What do you always carry?

Essentials for a Bloggers Bag

ITEM 1 // Planner: This allows me to keep track of my busy schedule, plan for upcoming events, and to help me keep my blog schedule straight. I love an actual paper planner a lot more than keeping my schedule on my phone or iPad.

ITEM 2 // iPad or Tablet: Tracy got me this iPad for Christmas and I love it. It is so much more convenient than a laptop. I use my iPad to check out my favorite blogs, read articles, and to take a break with a quick game of bejeweled or word scramble.

ITEM 3 // Magazine: I usually have a magazine or book in my bag too. When a new magazine arrives I carry that until I find time to look through it. Most of the time I have a book about something I am interested in though.

ITEM 4 // Statement Necklace and Earrings: You never know when you might need to switch up your look in just a few minutes. Adding a statement necklace or earrings can be so easy throw on and to carry in your bag. The green earrings in these photos were Kate Spade inspired that we made for less than $3 you can find the directions here.

ITEM 5 // On the Go Kit: In my bag I keep a small pouch or wristlet as my on the go kit. It carries lip stick, a roller ball perfume, tide to-go stick, lotion, floss, and a hair band. This allows me to cover a range of emergencies that could pop up throughout the day.

ITEM 6 // Notepad and Pen: I always carry these so that I can jot down ideas whenever they come to me. Most of my best ideas come at times when I am not at home at my laptop. If I don't get them down when they come, I forget them.

ITEM 7 // Snack: With how hectic my schedule has been lately, I have taken to carrying some kind of snack and a bottle of water with me. I like these Nature Valley bars.

ITEM 8 // Phone: Of course, every time I leave the house my phone goes with me. This allows me to connect with anyone that I need too. Plus I love to take pictures with my phone of the things I see while I am out.

ITEM 9 // Sunglasses: I always carry these, especially during the summer when the sun shines so brightly.

ITEM 10 // Wallet: And of course a girl needs her wallet.

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  1. Great list! I usually carry most of these, too, and also love using an actual paper planner.

  2. I agree! These are all much needed!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. yep...i have all of those in my bag. i don't carry around my ipad around as much since i have my iphone.


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