Art I Heart

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Art I Heart
Gray Malin - Bondi Beach / Typography Print / Red Coat / Max Wanger - Waikiki No. 6 / He and I / Gray Malin - Central Park Lawn

I never really had any interest in art work until recently. I contribute my new found interest in prints, paintings, photography, and drawings to the art classes Jessica and I have been taking. So far Jessica and I have attended several classes (with hopefully more in our near future) that have resulted in us creating 3 paintings each. While mine definitely are far, far, far from professional I kind of love them and I am proud of my creations. Now I am itching to start a collection for a gallery wall. I few pieces of art that I love are above including my current favorite.


  1. Gorgeous prints, these are all really lovely - thanks for sharing :)

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  2. I heart this art too. More in everyones house I say

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  3. Art is a sign up growing up : ) I love those prints and have recently taken a personal interest in them myself.


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