Happy Weekend

stylish picnic
happy weekend
I have no idea what the next couple days hold. My weekend is surprisingly plan free. It has been almost a month since I have spent any time in the kitchen so I would love to spend some time trying a few new recipes. Maybe finally try making strawberry shortcakes. This Waiting on Martha looks like a winner.

I might be a good weekend to also tackle my closet. It's organization has been horrible for months now. I think I will also try to get a jump start on this month's book club pick. Have you read The Rosie Project? It has really good reviews on Amazon.

What are your plans for the weekend?

image via: Waiting on Martha


  1. I love spending my weekends in the kitchen too :) last weekend I went to a friend's birthday get together. it was quite nice, a part from the fact that my partner purchased shared food for the group (b-day girl and another couple). My partner later got reimbursed a portion by the birthday girl (which I didn't expect as it was her birthday), while the other couple munched away, no thank you nothing. I was disgusted especially since the other couple were standing at the bar contributing to the order and not bothering to get their wallets to chip in - and this is the first time we've met them. Oops, this became a rant comment - I just couldn't get over the rudeness.


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