Happy Weekend

giant flamingo float
happy weekend
Hooray for weekends! Being cooped up in the office the last few weeks been torture. I am one of those people who always has several to do lists but lately aside from my typical work/errand lists that I also have a list of fun things I want to check off in the next couple months. (You can see a few items on my list here). Feeling like I am chained to my desk when there are so many (fun) I want be doing is increasingly difficult. I will be fine soon but right now I am feeling antsy.

This weekend should be fun. My favorite cousin will be visiting this weekend. I expect to be hosting impromptu game nights and eating lots of not so good for me foods. Saturday I have book club which is always a great time. We will be discussing this book. Have you read it? If so, I would love to know your thoughts.

image via: Sugar and Charm


  1. That's s great fun image! I always have a couple of to do lists on the go. What a good idea to have a list of fun things to do. Must try that!

  2. I want to do so many fun summer things too, but we keep getting thunderstorms here!! As much as I like them, it's so hard to plan for fun when it's gloomy outside all the time!

  3. I've been eating a lot of not so good food lately, I went to a thai restaurant last night and ate more than I can handle!

  4. I love the giant flamingo


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