Summer To Do List

drinks on the beach
back to summer basics
I mentioned in this post that although we have yet to see the official start of summer for this year I already feel like I am in the middle of it. As someone who likes having a plan (and usually thrives on it) yesterday I jotted down a few goals I would like to accomplish this summer. Seeing a list written down makes everything seem much more actionable.

ONE // Visit the planetarium.

TWO // Host an ice cream social.

THREE // Purchase a new computer.

FOUR // Take my grandmother out to dinner.

FIVE // Read a book each week of summer.

SIX // Under ake the massive task of organizing my closet.

SEVEN // Master making the perfect strawberry shortcake.

EIGHT // Update the makeup products I use for a quick and easy everyday routine.

NINE // Rent a cabin for a long weekend.

TEN // Enroll in a class to learn/try something new - (maybe cake decorating?).

image via: Vogue, edited by Sunny Days and Starry Nights


  1. I intend on reading a lot of books during summer, but I think I won't manage to finish one on a weekly basis. I just started Etta and Otto and Russell and James, and up until now, I really like it. And a cake decorating class sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. good luck with your goals


  3. Gah!! #5 reminds me that the last book in my library stash will probably go unread because it's due in 2 days. I've been doing really good on that otherwise. 1-2 a month is good for me.

  4. What a great list! I'd also love to do lots of reading this summer.

  5. This is a super list!! I haven't even thought of summer things to do yet, I am just trying to get the school year over and then I will think of that!! Happy Monday xx


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