9 Best Board Games for Game Night

9 Best Board Games for Game Night
I am a huge fan of board games. As a kid our family would have game night occasionally and we would have fun competing against one another. Even now, Tracy and I enjoy hosting game night for our family or for friends. We love planning and preparing snacks and picking board games to play. In the last few years

1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf - This game is quick and great for crowds. If you buy the expansion, even more people can play! Plus it has an app you can download that makes it even easier to play.
2. The Resistance - Similar to the above game in that it is great for a crowd of people best for 6+ people.
3. Agents of Smersh - A great collaborative game for a group of friends to work towards a common goal. Plus, I love the secret agent/spy aspect of the game.
4. Mystery at the Abbey - Great for up to 6 people. This game has you constantly discovering clues and interacting with other players to determine who murdered Brother Adelmo.
5. Ticket to Ride - Depending on which Ticket to Ride game you have the amount of players varies. All of these games are super fun and easy to understand!
6. Smash Up - The amount of players will vary depending on many of the expansions you buy. The game play always changes depending on which two decks you decide to smash together to play with and what the other players choose. For example you might play with Killer Plants and with Time Travelers or you could be playing with Mythic Ponies and Steam Punks. Different decks have different effects. The first player to 15 points wins!
7. Pandemic - This is another collaborative game where you are scientists/doctors working to defeat a pandemic.
8. Shadows Over Camelot - This is a collaborative game were all players are working with King Arthur as knights of the round table to defeat evil, except one of you may be a traitor!
9. Mice and Mystics - If you want to have a regular game night then this game is perfect! It allows for 2-5 players. This game will take multiple plays to finish. It comes with a book that tells you the story for the characters and is played in chapters. With a dozen chapters until you finish. A chapter can take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. This is collaborative game play though.

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  1. Board games are so fun for parties! Mystery at the Abbey sounds really interesting!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I play a lot of these game on my game night. I just yesterday play ticket to ride on my plane ride home.

    Also for smash up I have the princess cards.


  3. I LOVE board games!!! Pandemic and Ticket to Ride are among my faves!!!!

  4. Wrote down the couple I hadn't played before for future reference, but oh man, I LOVE ALL of the ones you've listed that have played!! :)


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