Chit Chat: Enjoying Life

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Chit Chat: Enjoying Life
A couple months ago I was sitting with a group of other attorneys as we were waiting for our cases to be called before the judge. Everyone was talking about these dream vacations they were hoping to take and how great it would be to get out of town. During this time I was going through a period where I was feeling especially burned out. It was seeming like I was being pulled in every directions and just could not get a break. I piped in to the conversation and stated that I just wanted a week to stay at home and watch Netflix. My statement received a few laughs but it couldn't have been closer to the truth. I didn't get that quiet time for myself that I wanted then but I held on and now July has finally arrived.

July has become the time of the year when I have the most me time. Glorious, glorious me time. Most of the year I definitely feel frazzled, exhausted, and stressed but then July shows up and something magical happens. Work slows down for four or five wonderful weeks, I manage to avoid the office a little more than usual, I spend more time doing things I love, and I actually find myself feeling relaxed.

This July has started out like a repeat of my last three. I have been spending time with friends and family, laughing more than usual, I have already breezed through several books, hosted a couple game nights (seriously one of the best ways to spend an evening), and started majorly organizing everything at home. I have also found myself unplugging for the most part when I am home. And I have to say that that feels nice. Being always connected, feeling like I always have to be available, and constantly checking work or social media online makes all aspects of life feel hectic.

The best part about this July and something that I am really excited about is that in a little over a week I have 11 consecutive days scheduled for myself. I have no major plans, no responsibilities, and no obligations. I have no intentions of doing anything that I do not 100% enjoy. I intend to spend a few of those days having the perfect time home alone. I want to try new recipes, have a Netflix marathon (or two), read more of the stack of books I have beside my bed, and take afternoon naps.

Are you enjoying a slower paced summer and getting some quality me time too?

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  1. I'm glad you're getting some quality time for yourself - it just makes all the difference in terms of recharging your battery, doesn't it?

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Good to get some time for yourself doll, does make a world of difference :) x

  3. I just went to Palm Springs this weekend and it was great to get away, living in Santa Monica it's like a vacation town but sometimes you just need to get out of your own town. But I too am one of those people who also is happy with just a little quiet time and Netflix ; )


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