Essentials For The Perfect Day Home Alone

what you need to relax at home
essentials for the perfect day at home alone
Sticky Buns (so good!) / Pajama Top / Apple TV / Polishing Body Brush / Deep Sleep Bath Oil (a splurge but so worth it) / Pajama Shorts / The Silkworm / Mug / Slippers / diptyque Candle / Pom Pom Blanket (love this)

A few days ago I was sitting with a group of attorneys in the courtroom while we waited for our cases to be called before the judge. Everyone was talking about all of these great places they were wishing they could escape to such as the beach. As the conversation continued I piped in and said, "I just want to stay home and watch Netflix." My statement received a few laughs but is so true.

I am all for days spent traveling to fun places, socializing with friends, or running around town to either visit favorite local spots or try new things. While I love doing all of these things days in which I have no plans, no responsibilities, and no where to be always rank among the best days I could have. I especially love these days when I can spend them totally alone. There is something so calming and balancing about having 12 or 24 hours completely to yourself. I think it good for the soul.

Above are a few of my essentials for a perfect day at home alone including comfy pajamas and necessities for a luxurious bath. I read this book recently and cannot wait to pick up the second book in the series soon. What are some of your essentials for a perfect day at home alone?

P.S. I talk more about alone time here and I discussed how I like to spend my free time here.


  1. Relaxing days at home are the best! My essentials are a good book and my cuddly kitties.

  2. Amen about that personal time. Also, have you read The Silkworm? Is it good?

  3. Those slippers must be sooooooo comfy!

  4. I love those slippers, they look super comfortable.


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