My Favorite Summer Fashion Items

My Favorite Summer Fashion Items

1. Straw Fedora - Really any straw hat is perfect summer. This fedora would be perfect for every day wear, but when going to the beach or the pool I would prefer a straw hat with a wider brim.

2.True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment - Honestly this is a definite must have item if you want to keep your feet sandal ready.

3.Pineapple Tee - This Summer I have decided that a pineapple printed something is a must have item. It's cute and fun and who doesn't want to be those two things?

4.Rose Gold Necklace - Simpler necklaces like this one is ideal for the heat of Summer. When it's hot and uncomfortable outside I don't need a statement necklace weighing me down.

5.Flared Skirt - These are perfect because they are so comfortable and this one comes in an awesome color.

6.Embroider Tassel Belt Dress - Tassels in some form or another are a Summer must have. It could be a dress or skirt that incorporates the detail or maybe a tassel necklace.

7.Slip On Sneakers - They are easy to slip on and oh so comfortable to wear. Plus they come in so many fun colors and prints.

8.Straw Tote - These fun bags are beach ready. You can opt for a more neutral one or go big and bold with this multi-colored one.

9.Cat Eye Sunglasses - These serve a dual purpose to protect your eyes and to look super stylish!

10.Essie's Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish - A beautiful color for Summer and what a wonderful name for a Summer nail polish!

11.Michael Kors Begonia Printed Dress - Floral prints like this dress, I could wear year round but especially in the Summer.

12.Maxi Dress - These easy, breezy dresses are effortless and beautiful. You can wear them to run errands, for lunch with friends, or even over your swimsuit.

13.Swimsuit - I love swimsuits that come in fun prints like this Cherry print one, but even cute polka dots would be perfect!

14.Striped Shorts - Let's just face it, stripes are perfect year round.

15.Sandals - Who can go without these in the Summer?


  1. Lovely picks. I especially like the sandals and pineapple t'shirt :-)

  2. Aww! Such gorgeous picks! I especially love the Michael Kors dress. So romantic!

    Jo | www.STYLEAT30.com

  3. love the slip on sneakers



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