On the Menu: Refreshing Popsicle Punch

On the Menu: Refreshing Popsicle Punch
Are you looking for a cool and refreshing drink? Fight the heat with a punch made with popsicles. The cool chunks of frozen popsicles will melt and add a great slushiness to the drink that would be perfect for a hot Summer day. Plus with only two ingredients needed it is so easy and quick to make.

Ginger Ale

1. Grab the glasses you will be using for this drink. Chop up your popsicles and fill each glass. I bought a mixed box of popsicles and filled each glass with the same flavor. My flavor choice was lime and the other in the photos used cherry. You can use the flavors you like.
2. After the glass is filled with popsicle pieces pour the ginger ale in. I had this chilled so that the popsicle pieces wouldn't melt that fast. You can use Sprite if you want.
3. You want to serve this a few minutes after fixing. This gives a few minutes for the popsicles to slightly melt and add flavor and color to the drink. Don't wait too long though or the pieces will be completely melted.


  1. This is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. ooooh this sounds like a great refreshing treat!


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