The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition
Get in the kitchen with Tracy's 9 Favorite Cookbooks.

Every girl should own a classic black blazer and all of these options are under $50.

I am dying for a skirt like this one. It makes me think ballet and it's polka dot. What do you think?

These are the perfect ankle boots for Fall. I want them in black and brown, don't you?

What Does Your Watch Say About You? Watches are one of my favorite accessories and I loved this article.

This Ted Talks video called The Power of Introverts, speaks to me because I am an introvert. It has a great message.

Looking for something to read? What about one of these 11 Inspiring Reads by Women?

Fitness Habits to Develop in Your Twenties- Let's face it, most of us need to be healthier in one way or another.

Great advice for every woman.

The most delicious Lemonade you will ever have.

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