Trendy Leather Sneakers

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Trendy Leather Sneakers

Over the years I have built an extremely extensive collection of sneakers. I love the slightly athletic feel that any pair of sneakers gives. Maybe I am so in love with them because I can't wear them to work? Being a teacher most days I try to be more professional in my dress and only get to wear sneakers on dress down days when we can wear jeans at my school. Shoes are one of my weaknesses anyway and it is just so hard to pass up a beautiful pair of comfortable sneakers. My favorite pair of sneakers that I own would definitely have to be a kelly green pair of skater shoes. Or is it my new pumas? It's just so hard to pick a favorite! Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers?

While I love a bright and bold pair of sneakers, in recent years I have also recognized the greatness neutral colors have too. I know Tracy has definitely gotten her moneys worth out of her favorite leopard print pair of slip on sneakers. She definitely loves that she can consider them a neutral and wear them with anything. Most often I am wearing my sneakers with relaxed boyfriend jeans and tees, but they can also rock out with a cute dress or skirt.

This year I am looking the slip on leather sneakers. They definitely look more work appropriate, especially the black pairs above. They are simple and stylish. Plus they look a little more refined than your typical sneaker. Do you think I could get away with wearing them to work all the time?

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