Chit Chat: My Future Home

My Future Home
I have talked about my dream home on here numerous times before and hopefully that is about to become a reality. I have been thinking about when I could actually make my own home come true for the past year. I have been saving money and thinking about what I actually need and want in my own home. I have had to reign it in a little to be a little more realistic, but I believe that within the next year I will have my own house.

At first I looked around the surrounding area for homes that were for sale within my price range. The thing is that there really aren't that many places for sale around here that wouldn't put me further from work than I am now. My one absolute must is that I don't make my commute to work any longer than it is now at 25 minutes. A few of the homes that I know about aren't in the best neighborhoods so those were immediately nixed off the list. Another strike against a lot of the homes for sale was that they were quite old. They looked like they were in good shape but at their ages they could have problems that I couldn't immediately see.

My dad was the first person to suggest that I just build a new home. Then I could choose where I wanted it to be exactly. The good thing about building too is that I can make the home exactly what I want. My dad has already volunteered to do some building for me. He is excellent with carpentry. He built the kitchen cabinets that are in my parent's home and some wooden porch furniture and rocking chairs for them. He will do superb work on the cabinets for me and then I can always say my dad built that for me. He also says he will build some bookcases for me as well. So now, I am off thinking about all of the possibilities and what is really realistic for me. I am thinking about how many rooms are a must and what sizes are adequate for those rooms. What size of house is just right for me? What do I want it to look like?

Right now I am figuring out where my home will be. My next step is to acquire the necessary land. Then actually plan what I want. We are already so close to Winter now that I figure I will have to wait until it is over before building actually begins. I am so excited. Do you have any experience in building or planning your home? What advice do you have for me?

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  1. I think building is a great idea (and it sounds like you can get some family help too, which is wonderful). We bought rather than built and even though we definitely got the house we wanted, the trade off was my commute time, which is now close to an hour. Compromise I guess!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. good luck on whatever you decide to do.


  3. Such a great plan- and your fam is behind you, so awesome!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. We are look at rebuilding our house too, I think it just allows for us to have the exact house of our dreams. So exciting for you!!!

  5. I don't have experience in rebuilding a home but I just had my condo re-modeled. One thing to account for is that it's probably hard to stay on schedule so be prepared! It may suck during the process but the outcome will be so worth it!


  6. such a wonderful house! sonds like a great plan sweety!
    happy day!

  7. Home ownership is exciting! I hope to have a home soon but houses start at a million in Santa Monica (even if they aren't very nice) so we won't be owners here anytime soon. I like the idea of building or getting one with a structure you really like with lots of remodeling projects.

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