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National Kick Butt Day is observed on the second Monday of October. This day isn't about going out there and kicking someone's butt. It's about kicking yourself into high gear and accomplishing your goals. We all set goals for ourselves that we want to achieve. Maybe there is something you have been procrastinating on and this day is for you to to set out and do it.

At the beginning of the year my goal for this year was to do more. Back in January I shared with you that I wanted to get out there and live a little more this year. That I wanted to experience new things this year. I have been busy kicking this year's butt. Most of what I have focused on deals with work though. Between trying new teaching strategies, starting to work on becoming a National Board Certified teacher, going back to school for my next degree in leadership, and attending new meetings for work so that I can learn and bring back to share with my colleagues, I have been one busy girl.

Today I am making it my goal to plan some more fun in my life. Not only am I going to kick butt professionally, but I am going to kick life's butt and have fun. I am planning a Halloween party with Tracy for friends and family. I am going to make plans with friends to go to one of the breakout games in Lexington. They sound like a lot fun with solving codes and puzzles to get out in time. This week I am going to purchase tickets for my next ballet. I am also in the middle of planning a weekend getaway with my family for late November. Plus, I am not starting to plan for a new home, what could be more exciting?

In life we have a balance between work and fun. Too much work and you feel drained and exhausted, like I have the last few weeks. But you have to have some work in order to be able to have fun. What do you suggest I do for fun?

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  1. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  2. Sometimes my most fun has been completely spontaneous with absolutely no planning. What about getting up one weekend and just doing what you fancy...............no plan? It sounds like you have been a busy bee, so maybe no plans could help ease any "brain-jam" you have going on after all your studying ;-)


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