Stylish for Less: Under $50

Stone Statement Necklace $14.50 - White Collar Dress $27 great for work - Cropped Jacket $45 so versatile - Fringe Bag $20 - Black Lace Up Boots $38 perfect for Fall - Flower Midi Dress $29 - Floral Crepe Trousers $29 great print - Kate Spade Glitter Earrings $38 - Striped Dress $30 half off! - Blazer $50 classic piece - Blush Clutch $14 - Pendant Necklace $36 - Striped Top $38 love the stripes - Floral Peplum Top $27 - T-Rex Tee $40 love this! - Plaid Sweater $35

Stylish for Less: Under $50
When I go shopping I always have my eye out for a stylish piece that will easily incorporate into my wardrobe. Not only do I want beautiful pieces but I also want to get them at a steal. A teacher's salary doesn't allow me to just go wild when shopping for clothes. I need quality pieces that are versatile and fit my budget. I want to look good but appropriate for work. I also want pieces that are fun and more casual for life outside of school. What kind of pieces do you look for when you go shopping? So this stylish for less incorporates some of all of that with great pieces for under $50!

All of these pieces could easily fit into my closet. Some of them would be perfect for work like this dress with this jacket. Some of the pieces are perfect for after work like this tee and these boots with some black jeans and a jacket. What's your favorite items above?


  1. The white crop jacket
    and the stripped dress are perfect!


  2. I'm loving that floral midi dress and I can't believe it's just $29!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Crushing royally on your beautiful wish list! The fringe bag is a real beauty while the striped dress is bangin'! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. Beautiful Selections; the dresses and that peplum top are just too cute.


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