Gift Guide for the Homebody

The Lip Scrub - Beeswax Candle - Metallic Pillow love the shine - "You are the Best" Mug - Agate Coasters beautiful - UGG Cable Knit Throw - Note Card Set - Pom Pom Slippers adorable - Eat More Dessert Book - Kate Spade Apron - Polka Dot Sweater - Godiva Truffle Box - Silk Pajama Set comfort in style - Kate Spade Vase - Recipe Box be a chef - Copper Tea Kettle - Mixed Goblets - Pizza Stone yum! - Copper Canister - Polka Dot Sneakers stylish and comfortable - Glass Canisters - Gold Zig Zag Pillow

Gift Guide for the Homebody
These are gift ideas for the girl who loves the comforts of home. She enjoys a quiet evening at home in her pajamas. She would rather have friends over for dinner and a movie than spend the night out on the town. This girl enjoys the simple pleasures in life like homemade pizza and a comfy blanket.

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Other gift ideas for the party planner are below and all of these are under $30:


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