10 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

10 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
I love the holidays. Spending time with family and friends, picking out the perfect gifts for them, and making homemade treats for everyone is just a delight. There seems to be an extra amount of happiness and cheer in the air. Sometimes your to-do list can grow long and your stress can mount. At these times you need to destress to get yourself back into the holiday spirit of things. Here are ten of my favorite ways to destress during the holidays.

ONE // Make a holiday playlist. Listening and singing along to the holiday music will help your tasks go by faster and get you in a more festive mood.

TWO // Pick your favorite holiday tradition and make it happen. One tradition that we have always done as long as I can remember is decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. None of us like sugar cookies, but it is tradition. Even now we all gather around mom's kitchen table to decorate these cookies.

THREE // Wrap some gifts. Find a quiet spot to relax in and wrap some gifts. I find that wrapping and then coordinating the ribbons and bow are very relaxing and then you have something beautiful to look at.

FOUR // Get some sunshine with a quick walk outside. Even during the winter your body needs sunshine. Go for a quick walk or even throw open the curtains and let the light stream in.

FIVE // Go for a ride and enjoy the Christmas decorations. When we were kids, every Christmas Dad and Mom would gather us into the car and we would go for a ride at night to see all of the Christmas lights. Its peaceful and beautiful.

SIX // Go out for hot chocolate with friends/family. This could be a quick getaway from work that awaits you at home. Sit with your friends/family and discuss your favorite Christmas memories.

SEVEN // Finish holiday shopping online so that you don’t have to fight the crowds. As Christmas gets near the crowds get bigger and the lines get longer. Fighting the crowd just stresses me out. Stay home and finish shopping online to avoid this.

EIGHT // Watch your favorite holiday movie. This could help you relive good childhood memories. We love Miracle on 34th Street and Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

NINE // Take 10 minutes for yourself. Light a candle, read a few pages of your favorite book, or enjoy the Christmas cards that you have received.

TEN // Hand deliver some Christmas treats and cards. The smiles you will see will fill you with happiness and relieve your own stress.

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  1. These are excellent suggestions! The holidays can be so stressful!

  2. these are great tips!!! I agree with #1 and #2 MOST OF ALL!!! Goals and music while working for goals-- YES!

  3. I love doing #10.



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