Prom Queen

Prom season is about to take off in full swing. While we are a few years passed our high school days we can still appreciate any opportunity that provides a chance to wear a ball gown so we thought we would each present a few of our favorite dresses for the 2010 prom season.

These two gowns look like they are from the pages of a fairy tale. The pink gown is $225 and the blue on is $350. For girls looking for something with a little edge, this blue cheetah print under the sheer blue is beautiful. And the print adds an extra layer of interest. The price for this gown is $400. Patterns are so great for this year's proms. They are fresh, young, and playful. This beautiful dress is $460. There are also plenty of dresses for the prom goers on a budget, for example this Grecian gown costing $64 dollars.
♥ Sunny

via: Prom Dress Shop, Ecrater Tiza, Dress Queen

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