Wee Little Baby

This time of year we seem to get invited to a lot of baby showers for family and friends that are expecting. Sometimes the right gift just comes to you immediately, but at other times you stress over what would be the best gift. We know all babies need a crib, blankets, diapers, diaper bags, bottles, car seats, strollers, toys, and the list goes on and on. One of the most adorable things to get a baby is a cute outfit. I have taken the search upon myself and have tracked down some of the cutest outfits for baby girls and boys. Gymboree Pink Headband $3.99
Gap Cardigan $25
Macy’s Butterfly Dress $32
Childrensplace Black Dress Shoes $12
Stuffed Unicorn from Allplush.com $17
Gymboree White Hair Accessories $6
Gap Bright Green Cardigan $15
Childrensplace Green Flowery Dress $9.75
Childrensplace Silver Sandals $19
Pooh Bear and Blanket from Target $15
Old Navy White Cardigan $15
Josephm Red Smock Dress $68
Gymboree White Hair Bows $6
Gymboree White Dress Shoes $35 Stuffed Dragon from Allplush $18
Organic Cotton Baby Boy Gift Basket from Amazon $185
Childrensplace Purple Button Up Shirt $10
Childrensplace Sweater Vest $8.25
Gap Pants $20
Childrensplace Baby Boy Brown Shoes $15
Crazy8.com Hat $2.99
Gap Striped Pocket Bodysuit $13
Gymboree Alligator Shoes $16
Childrensplace Red Polo $9
Gymboree Overall Shorts $17
Childrensplace Red and Blue Shoes $23

Have Fun Searching!

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