Chit Chat: Time to Relax

Chit Chat: Time to Relax
YAY! Tomorrow is my last day of work until after the new year! I have been so busy lately with teaching, taking college classes, teaching after school tutoring, and all of the Christmas related tasks that I have needed to complete. It has started taking its toll on me. Last week on Thursday I was so sick that I almost left work early, but I toughed it out and then only missed Friday. This week has been way busy too. I had meetings all day Tuesday, then another meeting after school on Wednesday, and then I also have after school tutoring today. Tomorrow is the last day for the year!

I have so many plans for break. Plans that include a lot of relaxing, watching old Christmas movies, baking up a storm of sweet treats in the kitchen, and visiting with friends and family. I have a little work that I want to do for school and a few things that I still need to finish before Christmas. Are you finished with all of your Christmas shopping and ready to give out gifts? I just have a few small things to get for stockings and I need to get my cat's presents. Mr. Cat has a stocking and he expects lots of toy mice to beat up and cat treats to munch on when he has defeated the mice invasion.

I'm excited for break. It fills like I have been a busy busy bee lately trying to meet all my deadlines for assignments and to do everything school administrators expect of me. I am ready to sleep in and to take my time to enjoy Christmas. Earlier this week I shared with you 10 Ways Beat Holiday Stress and I plan to do all of these things over break! What are your plans for Christmas? How are you going to enjoy the holiday season?

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  1. I am counting down the days now for break. I cannot wait!!! I have ONE MORE day and then I am done until the new year too. Enjoy your time off!


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