10 Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

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10 Christmas Traditions To Start This Year
Whether it is maintaining long held family traditions or creating new ones, traditions are very important to me. I have always viewed them as a way to connect with the past and maintain bonds with family and friends. Traditions are a huge part of who we are. I talked briefly about how important traditions are to me almost two years ago.

Below are ten of my favorite Christmas traditions that make the holidays special. You should be a few to start this year.

ONE // Host a Cookie decorating party. This is my favorite Christmas tradition. My family has engaged in this tradition my entire life. My mom makes the most amazing fudge but has never been what I would call a baker but my dad has always told our family that she always said she wanted children to bake Christmas cookies with. Our Christmas cookies have became much better looking throughout the years but we still laugh about how ugly they used to be when we were children.

TWO // Watch a production of The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, or other holiday-themed show. This is a recent tradition me and my sisters started. For the last several years we always attend a production of The Nutcracker. It is a fun day to get dressed up, have a nice meal together, and get in the holiday spirit.

THREE // Christmas pajamas. This isn't a tradition that I have ever taken part in but I would love to start it. Receiving pajamas each Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning sounds like an adorable idea to make sure you have something cute to wear in all of those photos taken Christmas morning. Here are some beautiful picks.

FOUR // Find a way to give back. Giving back is always important and especially so during the holidays. Small actions can help make sure that no one feels left out, alone, or forgotten during this time of the year.

FIVE // Have a Christmas movie night. Pop some popcorn, put on your coziest pajamas, and watch your favorite Christmas movies. There are few easier ways to get into the holiday spirit and this is a great way to have a relaxing evening when getting bogged down by holiday stress. My favorite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street. What is yours?

SIX // Buy a special Christmas tree ornament each year. This is a great way to mark milestones and it is fun to take the ornaments out each year and recall all of the memories attached.

SEVEN // View the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. This is a tradition my family took part in when I was little and it is something I really miss. It was always fun bundling up, piling into the car, and driving around our neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights while listening to holiday music.

EIGHT // Have a game night with a hot chocolate bar. This is a fun way to have friends over for a casual night and homemade hot chocolate is a decadent treat.

NINE // Make choosing a Christmas tree an event. Involve your entire family, visit a Christmas tree farm, sip apple cider, and choose the perfect tree.

TEN // Send out Christmas cards. Jessica and I host a Christmas card exchange each year. It is a simple act that lets others know you are thinking about them.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

image via: Studio DIY, edited by Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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