Easy Christmas Cookie Bar Recipes

cookie bars
easy christmas cookie bar recipes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

We have been so busy the last couple months we have had barely any time to spend in the kitchen. I am seriously behind on my holiday baking. This weekend will be my first weekend at home in the last two months and I am hoping to get a lot of accomplished in the kitchen. I have a lot of people expecting baked treats for gifts and I want to try out a few new holiday recipes for myself.

I have rounded up a few of my favorite easy cookie bar recipes that would be great for Christmas treats.

gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting
Gingerbread Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

sugar cookie bars with buttercream frosting
Sugar Cookie Bars with Buttercream Frosting

oatmeal cookie bars with frosting
Oatmeal Cookie Bars

monster cookie bar recipe
Monster Cookie Bars

A few more great recipes to try:
No Bake Oatmeal Scotchies
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple Frosting
Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Bars
Monster Cookies
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches


  1. they all look amazing! I especially love the Gingerbread Bars!

  2. Yum these all look so amazing! I'd love to try those oatmeal cookie bars.

  3. I love cookie bars! They always seem softer and more delicious than cookies. Don't get me started on my love for cookie bar cake!

  4. Those desserts look soooooo yummmmmy!!!!! NEED all of then right now!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  5. These look amazing, so yummy!! Happy New Year dolls xx

  6. The peanut butter bars... OMG if were home I'd try baking them right a way. I think I have all the ingredients. Looks so GOOD.

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