Ahoy Matey!

Hey there, all you landlubbers! With yesterday officially marking the beginning of summer I find myself daydreaming even more than usual about getting away from everything and spending a few wonderfully blissful days having fun and relaxing. Our lives are often packed with stress so there are few things more important than occassionally taking a break for a few days from all of the chaos that surrounds our lives. Boarding a sailboat and sailing out into crystal blue water would be the perfect escape. I could easily forget all of my worries while enjoying the sun, gazing up at the clouds, and splashing in the water. The serene atmosphere of being far enough away from civilation that no one can disturb you. Laying back on the boat listening to the waves and feeling the wind blow through your hair. Eventually sailing off into a beautiful sunset.

♥ Captain Sunny

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  1. i love the picture with the sunset! so pretty. :)

  2. wow beautiful! i want to be by the water now!
    how did you get your font to be like that!


  3. SUN! how I love sun!
    Great pics, love this summer feeling

    Thank you so much for your nice comment.
    Keep following
    love, johanna

  4. oh, i love summer so much!!!lovely blog!!!


  5. Such a beautiful post! Makes me really want to go sailing.

    I just stopped by and I. Really. Love. Your. Blog!

    Sunny Days & Starry Nights is such a creative name! :) And I love how your posts cover a variety of things.

    maybe check out my blog, if interested?


    xo, gina

  6. It's one of my goals to learn how to sail, and i've never even been on a sail boat!

    But I do love the ocean, and other boats... I just think it would be so cool to know how to sail!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment <3

    And those pictures are gorgeous! I would love to try going sailing because I love being in or near water. Sounds like something I should try and do this summer =)

  8. oh thanks for teaching me to do html! <3
    lovely: P


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