Double Take

The other day I was browsing through some clothes online at Polyvore just trying to get some ideas for some cute outfits and I saw this Mint green 2-in-1 top from debenhams.com and I fell in love with it. I love the color, the shape of the sleeves on the cardigan, and the way you can tie it in the front. I think this top is cute and feminine and that it could be dressed up or down depending on your mood or on the occasion.
Look 1: Dressed Up

Mint GreenFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Mint green 2-in-1 top $59 debenhams.com
White broderie skirt $24 debenhams.com
Carolee - Perfect Petals Cluster Necklace $129 zappos.com
Curio Charm Bracelet $97 hannahzakari.co.uk
LuLu Guinness - Mini Shell Pouch $395 hairboutique.com
Three Vintage Stone And Pearl Hair Clips $7.22 asos.com
Touch Ups Katrina Dyeable Pump $57 endless.com

I like the ultra feminine and delicate look of this dressed up outfit. If you are looking to add length to your body or legs a skirt on the shorter side and heels can help. I am also a huge fan of the chunky jewelry that I have paired this outfit with. I know this bag is more expensive than I would like but it is so cute and matches the outfit so well that I had to include it!

Look 2: Dressed Down

Mint Green 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Mint green 2-in-1 top $59 debenhams.com
Crafted Straight Cut Lightweight Jeans $37 republic.co.uk
Silver lattice shimmer scarf $15 debenhams.com
Metal clear lens visor glasses $18 debenhams.com
Bow Front Lam Flats $39 yesstyle.com
Tessa's Cluster Ring $32 fantasyjewelrybox.com
Silver Filigree Bangle Pack $21 missselfridge.com
Mint fold top lock bag $26 dorothyperkins.com

This dressy top can be used to jazz up your jeans to a more feminine look. This look is more casual and relaxed with jeans and less jewelry. Flats instead of heels give this more of a dressed down feeling, but doesn't go all the way to casual like tennis shoes would.
I love that this top could pull double duty in your closet depending on how you want to dress it up or down. Which way do you like this top best?



  1. thank you for your very lovely comment on my blog, i shall definitely check out those books you suggested! love the first outfit the colours are so pretty. i shall be back to visit again :)x

  2. thank you for your wonderful comments!

    i like those outfits, especially the first! that color is so pretty!

  3. love that shade of blue
    thanks for leaving me a lovely comment :)

    Did you clean you're room?

    Thank you for your comment, you're so sweet
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  5. Really like this top, it's such a pretty shade of green. I love the flats and the bangles you chose for the second look - accessories are everything.

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. The first look is my fave, the ruffle skirt is so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. polyvore changes my life! your outfits by the way are super adorable!
    if you get a chance you should check out my blog i would love to hear what you thought :)

  8. Thanks for the tips guys! :D

    And gosh these outfits are so cute! I love how you took one simple top and gave it two completely different looks, making it extremely versatile :D Your choice of accessories is really good too, they totally emphasis the look.

    Love how the shade of the bag matches the top too! :D Such a lovely and sweet colour.

    Great post! <3



  9. i LOVE the ring in the first picture! where can i buy it haha<3


  10. mint looks fierce in nail polish, if u buy this get a matching mani-pedi too. lol thats what my brain went to.


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