Black Magic


Wanted: Garden Gnome
Why: To protect my garden from BLACK MAGIC
Reward: A beautiful, bountiful flower garden

I think garden gnomes are cute, decorative items to place in your flower garden or lawn. Just don't go overboard with them a couple will be enough. Legends say that garden gnomes will protect your garden from the EVIL creatures who will use black magic to destroy your garden killing the flowers and making hideous gardens reign supreme across the land.
Do you want that to happen? If the answer is NO then you need a garden gnome, who will be gracious enough to protect you from such evil doings!



  1. thats brilliant! i love those little gnomes, but i unfortunetly dont have a garden. i want a tiny one on a key chain cuz thier so cute.


  2. Thank you sooo much for your cute comment! Love the little gnome.
    Keep following
    love, johanna

  3. Hahaha that's so cute! (: I don't have a garden though, just live in a tiny box aka apartment. But I would definitely get one of these if I did. You make them sound so cute lol!

    And thanks so much for your comment too! (:
    It really did make me feel better. Love!

    <3 gets!



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