Birds of a Feather...

This spring and summer I have really liked clothes with birds on them whether it is a shirt, dress, or jewelry. Birds also make me think back to the literature classes that I have had where we have had to read books, short stories, poems, etc. and know the symbolism that occurs in the books (I had two classes like this in high school). Birds in general, typically symbolize freedom. Often times, since they are not earth bound creatures, they are used to represent something between the psychical world and the spiritual world. You don't have to look at the big picture though, individual types of birds also have their own symbolism. One of my favorites is that the crane symbolizes longevity and health. Another is that the eagle symbolizes protection.
I have put together a few outfits that feature birds that I really like.
birdFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Drift Away Tees $23 pacsun.com
Military Bermuda Shorts $35 ae.com
Fossil Free Bird $36 fossil.com
Figs & Ginger Elliot Bird Ring $20 punk.com
Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker $55 nordstrom.com
Melie Bianco Faux Leather Tote $85 nordstrom.com
Statement Vintage Style Parrot Ring $17 asos.com
Buckle-Accent Kitten-Heels $25 yesstyle.com
OMBRE BIRDS shirt $9.99 alloy.com
Rolled Up Denim Bermuda Short $22 aeropostale.com
birds2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
"hear my song" bird dress $38 shopruche.com
Charles Albert Ballet Flat $25 endless.com
Black globe oversize clutch bag $38 debenhams.com
Love Bird Ring $32 - loveelsy.bigcartel.com
Pink Edie Medium Totes $575 instilo.com
MARC JACOBS Dress $1,000 colette.fr
Purple shoes $45 dorothyperkins.com
Dress Me Up Bracelet $15 renttherunway.com
ruffle rosette dress $15 gojane.com
Red Heels $25 amiclubwear.com

I LOVE the bird rings that I have paired with the first two outfits. The first ring is so simple but I think it is so beautiful. The second ring is so bright and cheerful that I adore it. I think the shirt with the parrots on it is such a pretty color and the parrots are sitting so that they kind of form a heart! The shoes that I have paired with the dresses are such vibrant colors that I find them simply dazzling and the dresses are so cute! Which items do you like the best?



  1. I adore that last black dress! So colorful and cheery! I like clothes/accessories with birds on them too. :)

    xo, gina

  2. Love everything! Particularly the yellow dress!! So fun and cute! :)


  3. thanks for your tip about the jacket, ill be sure to take one!

    i want to take a carriage ride, also(:

    my mom was excited to see they are well known for their fudge!

    my brother saw the haunted thing, but i don't think we'll be going in it...mom and i wouldn't be able to stand it! lol

    i love those outfits, especially the first!

  4. I looove the purple stilettos. Are so gorgeous.

  5. I LOVE the yellow dress with the birds on it <3

  6. Love the concept of this, and the theme of birds is incorporated really well! (: Loving the subtle but amazing accessories, and especially the Melie Bianco tote. <3



  7. I love the dress from the second picture

  8. Love the black bird dress. :D


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