One artistic related topic that I am very interested in is the art of Origami. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes such as animals, flowers, people, or other objects. Right now I can't really free hand anything when it comes to origami. I have to have the instructions right in front of me. I recently purchased a couple of EASY origami kits from the local dollar store. I bought two different kits an airplane one and an insect one. My friends and I were able to make the butterfly, lady bug, and praying mantis in the insect one, but it was still kind of difficult for us. We haven't even attempted the airplane kit yet. I can make a crane though, but that is probably the easiest thing that you can make in origami. Another thing that I like about origami other than all of the different things you can make are that no two have to be alike. For example if my friends and I were all going to make cranes we could use different sized paper or even paper of different colors or designs. Origami paper does not have to be plain! It can be very detailed and very patterned. I love the origami paper that I have pictured above. Here are some cute origami pictures that I found online:

Via:Origami Paper,We Heart It


  1. Origami is such a cool hobby! I never really thought about how cool it really was. Those are some very cute pictures!

    xo, gina

  2. those pictures are sick! ya basically all i can make with origami is a crane too but hey you gotta start somewhere!

  3. Ohhh I looove Origami SOOO MUCH

  4. holla there........wow! so lucky to bumped into your blog..i love the picture of the last origami.. ;) the colours so calm me down
    and thanks for leaving your comment on my blogpost i really appreciate that and very pleasant to read ;)
    and now im your blog follower, and i hope i gained much better here in your blog to improved myself..

    p/s: can u show the step on how to make this origami..tq dear

  5. love the art in this


  6. Loving it :D I only know how to make the crane unfortunately ): And nope, I've never worn it with bright coloured shoes, but I definitely will try it out! :D Thanks so much for the advice!

    Loves ((:


  7. wow, i love the 1st and 3th pic ♥

  8. The unicorn origami is amazing! And I love the second photo!!

    <3 Kelly


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