Sweet and Sour?

One thing that I really love is candy. And really who doesn't? The candy hating population out has to be slim to none. Other than chocolate I really love Sour Patch Kids. Don't you just love those commericals? The ones were the sour patch kid does some thing mean (sour) to a kid or teen and then the sour patch kid is sorry (sweet)?


If you haven't seen one you need to youtube it or something and watch one. My favorite is the one where the red sour patch kid cuts off one of the girls pigtails while she is sleeping. Then she wakes up and is freaking out. Then you see the sour patch kid holding the scissors and her hair. Then it is sorry and she completely forgives and forgets and she hugs it.

I realize this post is completely random and out there, but I just ate some Sour Patch Kids and decided to blog about them. The green ones are my favorite followed by the red, then the orange, and last the yellow ones. So how do you feel about them?



  1. I so want some sour patch right now! The green ones are my favorite too!

    xo, gina

  2. hahah those sour patch commercials make me angry! i'm like he cut off your pigtail!! eat him lol. but they're also really funny and the candy is delicious!

  3. i'm not super crazy about them, but they are good!

  4. i love those commercials, they're so funny! i love when they feel remorseful after they're sour. and i wouldn't say no to a box of sour patch kids right now.

  5. sour patch is too sour for me, but I like to wash them and then eat the sugar stuff inside! haha! I'm so weird. Those green frogs are my fav I think!

  6. Haha I love candy too. I haven't tried Sour Patch but its sounds yummyy :D

    & Thanks lots for the comment dears, I left an award for you at my blog! :D Go check it out <3




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