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Mirrors are not meant for just your bathroom. Decorating with mirrors can add style and elegance to any room. Mirrors can be major focal point. One of my favorite tips about mirrors is that they can make rooms appear larger. The black framed mirror instantly draws attention in this room. I love oversized mirrors leaned up against a wall. The frame on this mirror looks so decorative and elegant.

If you come across a beautiful frame you could easily frame your mirror for use in your home.

♥ Sunny

via: luxe + lillies


  1. I love mirrors! These ones are so amazing and decorative, like you said. When I get to decorate a house of my own one day it will surely be full of mirrors. :)

    xo, gina

  2. i love mirrors on vanities. they are super elegant and glamorous!

  3. thanks for sharing :)

    i love mirrors so much !! that's really the magical touch to make a tiny flat bigger :)

    xxx !

  4. Loving the photos! :D Mirrors can definitely make a room like huge, like your 3rd last photo ((: Haha loving the room inspirations here, hope my future home will be as beautiful as your selections! :D Really awesome post! ((:

    And aww guys, thanks so much for your sweet comment! You're so right, why say anything when you haven't something nice to say. You made me feel exponentially better! <3 Truly made my day, thanks so much! ^^

    Love you guys, keep up your awesome blogging! :D Hope you're enjoying your weekends too. Loves! <3




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