The Green Room

I have mentioned before that green is my absolutely favorite color in the whole wide world. Through some google searches I have found some amazingly, beautiful green rooms. One day when I have my own home I want to have at least one green room if not several. Or maybe my whole house will be done in green with each room featuring a different shade of green. Well maybe the whole house except for one bedroom that I have said I will paint pink for my sister to stay in when she visits. Below are some of the pretty green room pictures that I have found.
Living Room:

I love the retro spiral look to the decorative pillows and the rug. My absolutely favorite thing about this living room is the bookcases built into the walls!

I couldn't decide between these two kitchens though. I like the brighter green in the first kitchen the best, but the layout in the second. I also like that the second is bigger and that it has the black appliances and countertops.
Dining Room:
This dining room doesn't really have a lot of green in it, but I do love it. The green pattern on the chairs is beautiful and stands out in this room. I also adore the dark purple cabinet in the back of the room. That cabinet would be a good place to display some beautiful patterned dinette sets of unusual pieces.
Out of all of the rooms I have pictured, I think this one has the prettiest shade of green on its walls. The white bedroom set looks so clean and simple. I love that the bed is a canopy bed and the sitting area at the far end of the room.

I just couldn't decide between these two bathrooms either. I love the brighter colors in the first bathroom. The second is so spacious and it has that marvelous claw foot bathtub!

Which of my rooms do you like the best? What color do you know you want in your house for sure?


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  1. i really like the last bathroom. im not a fan of green, but my favorite shade would be sage(:

  2. i lovee that green bathroom with the blue accents, super cute!
    Haute Californian

  3. whoaaa, this is kinda calm me down bedroom...i like it, the one that had canopy bed... i love everything! how i wish i can have this room!


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