Modern Day Fairytale

This is a picture of my dream house. I found this picture about 8 years ago on a real estate website for listings of properties for sale in central Kentucky. Unfortunately besides this picture and a couple others of the property I didn't save any other information on the house.

This house makes me think of a big southern mansion. Maybe right from the pages of Gone with the Wind where Scarlett is attending the barbeque at Tweleve Oaks. It would be difficult to live in a house this beautiful and not feel like a princess.
I feel like living in this house would make almost every day an opportunity to dress up and feel glamourous. I would want to wear something similar to this to host the first party in my dream home.

Forever Unique Dress $125 - foreverunique.co.uk
Pink Heels $445 - farfetch.com
Inge Christopher Handbag $112 - lorisshoes.com
Kate Spade Faux Pearl Ring $125 - nordstrom.com
Multi Strand Pearl Necklace $170 - julesb.co.uk
Royal Armchair $1,390 - modani.com

♥ Sunny


  1. such a good post, that dress is gorgeous!!!!!and the chair, and the jewelry....I love it all lol xxx

  2. so, those pictures looked familiar to you? i just think it's so cool that we've been to the same place!

  3. I love the jewelry! This looks like such a romantic house :)love it!

  4. Ohh it is pretty! I love that dress i have it somewhere in my items! THat is a great dream you have! Lovely!

  5. lovely blog! im a big fan!


  6. OMG! I love this, that look is SO princess thing

  7. The house is gorgeous! Love the princess set!

    <3 Kelly


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