Flying High

Lately we have had some breezy days here. It is the perfect weather for flying kites. I think kites are so beautiful. They come in a multitude of shapes and colors. When I first think of kites I think of a traditional diamond shaped kite, but there are a lot more to kites than just diamonds. You can have box kites, dragon kites, octopus shaped ones, butterflies, birds, and so on. You can get a kite in pretty much any shape that you would one in. I really like this Dragon Kite:
This dragon kite is so beautiful. The face of the dragon is fierce looking and I love how the long body and tail stretch out behind it. I saw this one online in different sizes going up to 250 feet long! I also read about how Chinese dragons like this get their shape. They have dear horns to represent longevity and good luck. They have tiger eyes because tigers are seen as the king of beasts. Catfish whiskers to represent wealth and a human beard for wisdom and talent. The long, segmented body represents a snake.
I also like this Bird Kite:
I think this one would look amazing soaring through the sky like a real bird. I just love all the colors on this one.
I have always liked how graceful and beautiful kites look while floating through the sky. They make me want to just relax and enjoy the view. You could fly a kite to have some time for yourself or go as a group to have fun together. I have thought about making my own kite for a while now and I have found the perfect instructions. If you would like to make your own kite you should go to Skratch-Pad and check out their advice.

Happy Flying,

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  1. those kites are awesome . i've been wanting to fly one this summer but haven't found the time!

  2. these kites are gorgeous! i wish i knew how to properly fly one!!
    Haute Californian

  3. Ohh If there is something I never did, was to launch a kite

  4. Beautiful photos
    Http: / / justeryma.blogspot.com


  5. Never flew a kite before. But that dragon kite is beautiful!

    <3 Kelly


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