Man's Best Friend

They say that man's best friend is a dog and with today being National Dog Day, I thought what better day than today to post pictures of the cute, cuddly animals. All my life I can't remember a time when we didn't have at least one dog. Even now we have a big, hairy, light golden colored dog (like the puppy seen above) named Butter. He is so friendly and sweet. Every day when I get home he runs over to meet me and greet me. He is always so happy with his tail wagging and he is always bouncing around. It makes you think he is so tickled to see you and excited that you have finally made it home. Whenever any of us are outside he follows along and is your companion. I think this puppy is so adorable. He looks so sweet. I love the color of this cute little dog.
My favorite breed of dog is a Husky. I think they are the most beautiful of all dogs. One day I hope that I have a Husky.


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  1. I love dogs so much,it's amazing creatures....:)

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  2. so cute!
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  3. huskies are gorgeous! my favorite dog would definitely be a pug. i love the way their faces are all smushed up and the way they sound when they breathe hahaa.
    Haute Californian

  4. Dogs are way better'n people. No matter your mood or how you treat them they are always always happy to se you and for the mos part do what you want them to!

  5. How absolutely adorable! I love my pooch, he lights up my day no matter what. They always listen, and cuddle you when you're sad! Honestly.. he's my best friend. Such a cute post! Love your blog :)

    Xo Chelle

  6. national dog day is going on my calender! all those puppies r sooo cute!


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