Doll House

I find doll houses to be so beautiful! I wish I owned one. I love the intricate detailing and the different colors. I think furnishing a doll house with miniature items would be so much fun. Some of you may recognize the doll house above. It is Lorelai Gilmore's doll house from the show Gilmore Girls. I always thought that doll house was gorgeous.
If I were a child, I know I would be able to spend hours playing with my dolls and doll house. My sisters and I never had a doll house, but we improvised. We would take big water boxes that held six gallons of water and use our scissors to cut in doorways and windows. We would decorate our homemade doll house and our Barbies and Ken dolls would live in them.
I know my sister would loved to have had this pink doll house as a child. I just love the windows!
I would love to have a doll house in this color or a similar green color. The shape of this doll house is magnificent.
Queen Mary's Doll House
This exquisite doll house was built for Queen Mary in the 1920s by a master craftsman. I love how detailed it is and that it has working lights! I can't even imagine how long it took to make this.
If you are looking to buy a doll house, here are some options:

A couple of weeks ago I saw an article on yahoo about this guy Craig Grant that lives on a 30 acre farm and he rescues cats. On this farm he has built a miniature town for his cats, where they have little houses to sleep in and everything! Since seeing this article I have been inspired to do this post on doll houses. Here is a picture of part of the town!

And here is a picture with some cats in the town so that you can actually judge the size of the buildings.
Isn't that just adorable? It even has its own walkway, street lights, and everything! Here is a link to the article incase you want to check out the rest of the photos and read more about this: Man Builds Town for Rescued Cats.
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  1. I find them beautiful too. I love the picture with the kitties. Too cute.

  2. When I was a little kid, my mum bought me one, I kept it for my childrens when they'll born

  3. aw thank you. i'll have to try and get a picture of me wearing it so you can see it's full beautiful-ness! :)
    i had a barbie dollhouse growing up haha. aww :)) x

  4. i wish i had a doll house as a child. have you seen the wedding planner? i love the doll house that massimo (justin chambers) gave mary (jennifer lopez). :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Aww doll houses are so adorable :)


  6. I love dollhouses and the Queen Mary one is unbelievable, so much detail, so beautiful!


  7. i never have doll house T_T i dont know why when i was child i never interested play barbie lol :)


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