Sleeve of Absence

Kim Kardashian may have declared that she will no long be wearing one-shoulder dresses but that hasn't swayed me from thinking it is a beautiful look. Shoulders are almost universally sexy and these looks show just enough skin without being too revealing. It is important when wearing a one-shoulder dress to remember not to go too overboard with the rest of the look. Especially with this dress having a busy pattern a pretty pair of shoes and a great handbag is almost all you need. The cocktail ring adds extra interest.

Dress $450 - net-a-porter.com
Shoes $795 - ysl.com
Christian Louboutin Clutch $2,565 - net-a-porter.com
Ring $9.50 - delias.com
Marc Jacobs Hair Pins $22 - zappos.com
Nail Polish $17 - nailsinc.com
I love this rose belt. It is so beautiful and feminine. Plus it will showcase your waist.

Dress $520 - my-wardrobe.com
Shoes $265 - peeptoeshoes.com.au
Clutch $4,500 - usa.hermes.com
Ring $75 - pret-a-beaute.com
Necklace $675 - net-a-porter.com
Rose Belt $19 - missselfridge.com
Pair a slouchy one-shoulder top with tight pants or a pencil skirt for a boho chic look. If you choose a tight top, wear baggy bottoms. Remember your proportions.

Blouse $285 - net-a-porter.com
Pencil Skirt $175 - julesb.co.uk
Heels $25 - amiclubwear.com
Clutch $35 - endless.com
Ring $15 - avalaya.com
Studs $7.86 - missselfridge.com
I love the soft pattern of this dress. And gray and pink look great together. This would be a perfect look to wear out to meet friends for lunch.

Dress $31 - oasis-stores.com
Flats $35 - dorothyperkins.com
Clutch $118 - endless.com
Ring $50 - fantasyjewelrybox.com
Earrings $150 - ylang23.com
Nail Polish $30 - izzysbeautyshoppe.com

♥ Sunny

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  1. wow clutch almost 5 grands! WHAT an indulgence.

    checkout my giveaway!

  2. nice blog



  3. I love it. I want all those rings. xx

  4. why would kim say that? lol. i love those dresses!

  5. i love 1shoulder too
    like u said "show just enough skin without being too revealing" totally agree(^^)v
    anyway joining ur giveaway for that gorgeous zebra printed handbag hohohooo,tq for letting me know.
    anyway have u receive the package?i did email u to ask about it but i guess u didn't check ur mail often ya hehhee...
    just for suggestion...why don't u reveal ur looks?would really like to put a face of a blogger friend of mine


  6. Oooh, great post! I love the red top. I wish I could afford it.

    I like the one-shoulder trend...like you say, they reveal enough without being tacky. Great for a casual OR a fancy night out!

  7. I love the off shoulder look, but I don't think I could ever pull it off, lol.

  8. Aww she's amazing and so this stuff. Thank you for your comment, you're always so nice to me.
    Love you

  9. I love naked shoulders! the sleeveless red top is awesome :)

  10. Thanks for you comment in my blog ^^ I like this post and one of the part I prefer in body are shoulders :) Great post ^^

  11. i love the pink getup, Kim need to stop with surgery! x


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