Break a Leg

This fall and winter I think tights or leggings are a must have item. Some people may think that with colder weather they have to trade their shorter dresses and skirts for longer articles of clothing that will offer more cover and warmth. With tights or leggings you can change this! Leggings will cover your legs, while allowing you to wear whatever you are in the mood for. Leggings are a more casual item than tights, so remember to wear them with your more casual dresses and skirts.
A Leg Up
I love this blue color and that there are multiple tiers. This black bow bag is absolutely beautiful too. I would definitely like to have this bracelet too. I love the 3D flowers.

Look 1
Blue Multi-Tiered Dress $15 - getheavenly.com
Blue Suede Buckle Heel $25 - amiclubwear.com
Key to My Heart Necklace $8.09 - overstock.com
Black Leggings $19 - missselfridge.com
Silver Scarf $39 - houseoffraser.co.uk
Black Bow Bag $26 - amazon.com
Metal Flower Cuff $50 - talullahtu.co.uk
Silver Nail Polish $4.48 - justbeautifully.co.uk
Silver Sapphire Ring $20 - amazon.com

A Leg Up 2
This black dress is simple but cute. I could see myself pairing this with a brighter color of leggings, since the dress is already dark. I brighter purple or pink would look great. Aren't those robot earrings adorable? I love the robot accessories I am seeing lately. I think it is a quirky way to show some extra personality. I really like the different colors in the bracelet too.

Look 2
Black Shirt Dress $21 - wetseal.com
Black Bow Flats $20 - rue21.com
Robot Earrings $18 - topshop.com
Purple Leggings $9.43 - johnlewis.com
Charm Bracelet $13 - monsoon.co.uk
Believe Ring $20 - fantasyjewelrybox.com
Black Bag $40 - fredflare.com

A Leg Up 3
I love both of these dresses and I think both would look great with everything shown. I think the green dress is my favorite because of the color and the military inspired look. I absolute adore those rings and I wish I had them.

Looks 3 and 4
Green Dress $30 - sears.com
Bow Hair Clip $15 - yesstyle.com
Black Leggings $19 - missselfridge.com
Black Bag $20 - rue21.com
Cameo Charm Stack Rings $20 - topshop.com
Metal Flower Bracelet $16 - dorothyperkins.com
Plaid Dress $16 - josephm.com
Black Flat $9.99 - amazon.com

What do you think about leggings? What would you wear with them?



  1. oh I would totally wear the second one!! actaully I have similar black dress and leggings :)

    you have such a great taste,

  2. I'm not actually a legging girl but I wear a pair with a long shirt and boots. Which I loved how it looked.


  3. LOVE the accessories in the first && the purple shit in the last picture! I deffinitely love leggings and tights, great for fall, as for winter im pretty sure ill go for the leggings. it gets super cold! definitely a change from my hometown.

    Thanks for commenting on my "vajazzle" post l0l thought that was something fun i could talk about. Ill be posting something new either tonight or tomorrow!

    (Following your blog)



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