Fall Must Haves

Today official begins fall! I have already been thinking about Fall Fashion, just like everyone else has. I think that there are must haves for all seasons. Below you will see the things that I think are Fall Fashion Must Haves.
Blazers, Gold, and Motorcycle Jackets
Fall Favorites
Blazers and Motorcycle Jackets are a great way to add some extra layers to your outfit. In the Fall the temperatures begin to cool down, and especially in the mornings and evenings, you need something to provide some added warmth. Blazers can help you look more professional and are great for work. Motorcycle jackets are edgy and can go with jeans or a cute dress. In the Fall leaves change from a beautiful green to brilliant golden color. Gold doesn't just look great on leaves it also looks great on you!
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones
Jewel tones are going to be very popular this Fall. They are bright and can draw attention to you. Anything from clothes, to shoes, to accessories look good in jewel tones.
Military, Lace, and Leather Satchels
Fall Favorites 3
Other than Blazers and Motorcycle Jackets, Military inspired jackets are a great way too go. Military jackets are a great way to toughen up a very feminine look. I love feminine clothes and lace is a great way to make any look feminine. Leather Satchels are a beautiful and can be carried with most looks.
Tights, Boots, and Knee High Socks
Fall Favorites2
Cooler temperatures are no reason restrict your wardrobe to wearing pants. Tights, knee high Boots, and Knee Socks are a great way to cover your legs when wearing skirts and dresses. This Fall bright colors, pretty patterns, and white tights and knee socks are going to be very popular. Boots are also a great way to cover your legs and they go well with skirts, dresses, or pants.
Do you agree with my Fall Must Have items? What would you include to the list?



  1. i love the sexy red hot dress! very sexy, just the right dress for a glam night out. :)

  2. Great must-haves! I love wearing tights and boots, especially gifferent color tights with fun patterns!

  3. GREAT must haves. LOVE the socks and thank you SO MUCH for the lovely words

  4. Great must haves.


  5. that's a good list. I want a militairy jacket and a bag! I've been looking for one :D

  6. Thanks so much for your comment in my blog, you are original , I like that! And I like this listttttttttttttttttt ^^

  7. Great selections. I like them all. Am so excited for fall. xx

  8. heyy, :)
    oh i brought one of the tree things for my best friend here in england, its beautifl and lovely when all her jewelry is placed on it, however it doesnt fit as much as i would like on it, but she liked it and seemed happy :D

  9. i love them all! gotta have them all. :)

    <3, Mimi

  10. i love the fall season! so many good looking clothes!

    i am now your newest follower. come check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you:)


  11. those are definitely some great must-haves!

    i'm so glad you enjoyed the header- you can read more about the artist behind it here on my blog: http://www.benchesandchandeliers.com/2010/08/hart-of-matter.html

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  12. I love thinking about what I would wear when the season changes!


  13. Nice blog!!!
    I'll follow you!


    Amo &hearst;

  14. Oh fall how I love u. and thx for liking my hair color (it’s actually 100% natural I’ve never dyed my hair) because the lady who cut it said I had diluted water that messed with the 'sheen'. Who knows?



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